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Springer and Fondazione Politecnico di Milano present the book: "Sustainable Social, Economic and Environmental Revitalization in Multan City"

The book describes the six months of initial intensive activities within a motivating multidisciplinary project to achieve sustainable social, economic, and environmental revitalization in the historic core of Multan City, Pakistan. The new “Research for Development” series will be presented during the event. “Research for Development”  is realized in partnership with Fondazione Politecnico di Milano. It is aimed to promote the dissemination of complex research and multidisciplinary projects, with regard to a well-balanced sustainable growth and taking into account social and economic outcomes and environmental benefits. It focuses on Urban Regeneration and Infrastructure, Info-mobility, Transport, Environment, Cultural Heritage and Landscape, Innovation in Processes and Technologies, Applications of chemistry, materials, and nanotechnologies, Biotechnology solutions, Physics results and related applications, Ongoing Training and Continuing Education.

Giampio Bracchi, President Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

L'esperienza di Multan tra le righe
Adalberto Del Bo, Docente Politecnico di Milano
Daniele Fabrizio Bignami, Project manager Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

Research for Development: presentazione della collana
Marina Forlizzi, Executive Editor, Springer
Emilio Bartezzaghi, Vice Presidente Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

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Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

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