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The walled city of Multan / Guidelines for maintenance, conservation and reuse works
18 September 2015

Multan, is a very complex place, where the process of constant stratification have left many signs on the urban texture. Here the different issues and problems involved, often with no easy solutions, face with the ethical responsibility and cure required from the historic and cultural heritage: how can we improve the urban quality and the living conditions of the inhabitants and at the same time preserve the unique identity of the places? These Guidelines try to face a challenge, testing new ways of project starting from the specificities offers by the local culture and putting in place alternative practices of architecture.
The editors of the book are Mariacristina Giambruno e Sonia Pistidda, the publisher is Altralinea Edizioni. The book is the first title of the series "I quaderni Pristina Servare", series of Architectural conservation / 01.
Further information at www.altralineaedizioni.it

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