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Multan Walled City, the project has just entered its second phase
11 December 2015

The “Multan Walled City” project has just entered its second phase. The ceremony agreement took place in Multan, on Friday, 11 December 2015 in the presence of Stefano Pontecorvo, Italian Ambassador in PakistanEugenio Gatti, General Director of Fondazione Politecnico MilanoAdalberto Del Bo, Scientific Coordinator Multan Walled City project and Professor at Politecnico di Milano

The overall objective of the project is to demonstrate and initiate a sustainable process of social and economic revitalization and upgrading of physical environment of livelihoods and living conditions of the residents, in the historic core of Multan city. The studies conducted in the first phase allowed Fondazione Politecnico di Milano to better understand the urban dynamics across the Walled City. The numerous surveys and practical projects outlined and delivered have constituted the basis for the working plans in these main areas of Multan: Haram Gate, Musafir Khana and Sarafa Bazaar

The project involves three Departments of Politecnico di MilanoDepartment of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. More than 30 people is working on the team project: professors, researchers, technical staff and locals.

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