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Design of PIRC
Pakistan-Italian Resource Centre

The Centre reflects a desire to strengthen cooperative links between Italy and Pakistan. The program will develop preliminary studies on urban planning, strategies to enhance local economical networks and meetings to establish Italian-Pakistani relationship on cultural and business field. Simultaneously it will developtechnical drawings from preliminary to executive drawings of the Pakistani-Italian Resources Centre (P.I.R.C.) building. The Centre would support commerce, trade, technical cooperation for preservation, conservation, restoration and training and capacity building. As a long term goal the presence of the PIRC will aim to start an flywheel effect in the economic field able to rise the local GDP and introduce the Italian productivity on the Pakistani ground. They will involve the local workforce and the population will be leaded through an sustainable economic and social development.

A project developed by:
Fondazione politecnico
Together with:
Politecnico di milano
Founded through the Debt Swap Agreement and supported by:

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