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Gabriele Confortola - FPM

Born in 1985 in Varallo (Italy). Master's degree in 2010 in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Freelance consultant: Hydraulic construction engineering: supply and distribution networks, sewers and channels, river restoration, hydroelectric power plants. Hydrology: sustainable drainage systems, flood risk assessment, hydrological modelling and water resources availability estimation, snow avalanches dynamic. Environmen­tal engineering: permissions, impact assessment, emissions, recycling and waste management. Energy saving and efficiency, energy certification. Land management and planning, tourism and rural development. Climate change impact estimation. Hydrogeological risk and soil conservation. Bioengineering. Sustainability, renewable energy and Smart Cities. Research activity: Study and design of hydro-sedimentological monitoring networks. Design and installation of hydrometric networks in high altitude areas (Italy, Pakistan, Nepal). Hydrological, snow and glacial modelling. Flow Measurement and stage discharge calibration. Study and modelling of the suitability of river habitats. Modelling and studying impacts resulting from climate change. GPS surveys and GIS modelling.

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