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Hasan Ali Raza – PMU

Born in District Dera-Ghazi-Khan, Punjab, Pakistan (1980). Currently is living and working in Multan. Master in Sociology (2008) and M.Phil in Sociology (2013) from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. PhD student of Gender-Studies in the same University. Social Mobilization Expert at PMU in Walled City Project, Multan. He is working for the civic engagement and creating community ownership to increase the public participation towards timely implementation of the pilot project. He has eight-years of work experience in various public/private sectors including governmental and non-governmental organizations. His area of expertise is community mobilization and community participation, social work, fund raising, event management, seminar and workshop, community trainings, report writing, proposal writing, success-story writing, field-research, academic research supervision, teaching, and consultancy. His field of interest is, social change, social integration, history art and culture, sustainable development, community development, women and development, socio-religious tourism, craft-sector/industry, group work; community health and hygiene, mother and child health care and community legal-aid and conflict redressal /management.   

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