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Christian Amigoni - FPM

Born in Lecco, Italy (1976). In 2001 he graduated in Civil Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, than he achieved a Master in Strengthening of Historical and Monumental Buildings at University of Perugia. Chartered in the Register of Engineers of Lecco from 2002. Since 2006 he is assistant Professor at Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi). Since 2009 he is a contract Professor in the course of Preserve Reuse Design at Politecnico di Milano. He is collaborating with Politecnico di Milano for several works abroad (Beijing China, My-Son Area Vietnam). With Politecnico di Milano and Civil Defence he participates in the evaluation of the damaged buildings after the Earthquake of L’Aquila-Abruzzo in 2009. His professional work is focused in the field of the Structural Consolidation of masonry buildings and in the project of new anti-seismic buildings with concrete, steel, masonry and wooden structure. In his career he worked in the reconstruction and consolidation of the damaged buildings after the earthquakes of Salò (Bs) in 2004 and L’Aquila - Abruzzo (2009). He worked in the consolidation of many historical and public buildings, like Palazzo Ducale of Sabbioneta (Mn) (protected by UNESCO), the Giuseppe Verdi’s theatre of Terni, the Monastery of San Paolo D’Argon (Bg), the Church of St. Andrews in Mornico al Serio (Bg), the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi of Castelvecchio Subequo (Aq), and many others. He his commissioned in the strengthening of the public and historical buildings of Sabbioneta (Mn) after the Earthquake of Emilia in 2012. He designed the anti-seismic structure of several new public and private buildings. He is author of several publications about his work in the consolidation of historical buildings. Speaker at several meetings about the consolidation of buildings and the current normative.

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