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Francesco Augelli - FPM

Born in Milano, Italy (1962). Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Milano. He graduated with full legal marks in Architecture (Laurea) then achieved a PhD on Conservation of architectures and then the Specialization post lauream with summa cum laude on Monuments restoration. Since 1991 he was assistant in the PoliMi and since 1999 Professor of Diagnostic and Conservation of architecture laboratory in the main University and in the Engineering University of Trento (2004-2007). His research activities is mainly focused on diagnostic and conservation design of wooden buildings. He is the founder and the scientific responsible of the Laboratory for conservation of wood works in the PoliMi (1999). He is member of Italian and international body of standard (UNI, CEN, RILEM) on Cultural Heritage and member of ICOMOS IWC (Italian wood committee). Responsible for the Italian standard body of editing standards for conservation and reuse of Historic windows and doors. He is teacher of Diagnostic of wooden pathologies and conservation techniques at Specialization school on Restoration of Architectural heritage and landscape at PoliMi. Since 1997 today teacher, coordinator and director of many courses on Restoration in Italy and abroad (Yemen, Myanmar, Armenia). Responsible for diagnostic and designer in many UNESCO sites. Speaker at many International Congress on Conservation and Restoration (Italy, China, Albania, Portugal, Chile). Responsible for diagnostic investigations, designer and Operations Director of the works for the restoration of wooden works of Royal Villa in Monza. He is author of about 40 technical and scientific publications and about 65 diagnostic, design and research reports.

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