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Maurizio Boriani - FPM

Milano (Italy), 1946. Architect, Full professor of Architectural Conservation at the Polytechnic of Milan (Faculty of Civil Architecture). Former Member of Academic Senate of Polytechnic of Milan. Vice-President of the Cultural Heritage Conservation Center of the Polythecnic of Milan. Member of the Teaching College of the PhD in Architecture, urban design, conservation of housing and landscape at the Polytechnic of Milan. Professor of Historic Gardens Conservation at the Conservation School of Polytechnic of Milan. Director of Master in Design and conservation of landscape and gardens. Consultant of UNESCO, Research Co-ordinator in behalf of the European Community, the Ministry the University and Scientific and Technological Research, the Ministry for the Cultural Assets and Activities, the Region of Lombardy and other private and public agencies. Research Topics: Conservation and management of historic towns, cultural landscape preservation and management, conservation and management of historic roads, gardens history and conservation. About those themes he is author or editor of about 180 papers and books.

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