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Emanuela Colombo - FPM

Rector’s Delegate to Cooperation for Development, Department of Energy. Emanuela Colombo has achieved both a PhD in Energetic and a Nuclear Engineering MSc at Politecnico di Milano in Italy where she is currently Associate Professor in Eneregetics and in Engineering and Cooperation at the Department of Energy. She has also gained a considerable working experience in different industrial energy sectors. From a Scientific perspective she has been developing in recent years a strong interest in the interrelations between Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development as well as to the complex issue of the Access to Energy in developing countries. In line with this interest in 2004 she was one of the founders and currently the Vice President of Engineers Without Border in Milan a volunteers organization which aims at promoting sustainable development and cooperation among countries. Since 2010 she has been member for Politecnico di Milano in the Scientific Committee of the “Access to Energy” Laboratory promoted by the Energylab Foundation in cooperation with universities, entrepreneurs and players from the civil society. From an institutional point of view, for her personal and professional interest, in 2005 she was named Deputy of the Rector to Cooperation and Development at Politecnico di Milano where she is still working for promoting the role of the academic research as leverage to face the challenges of global development and human promotion. In 2011 she was in addition named Rector’s Delegate to the international relationship with Africa.

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