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Enrico De Angelis - FPM

Enrico De Angelis (1961), Master (1988) and PhD (1993) in Building Engineering, both at Politecnico di Milano, is, actually, associate professor for the Building Engineering and Architecture Faculty of Politecnico di Milano, enrolled in the Dept. of Building and Environmental Science and Technology. He is an expert in Building Pathology and Diagnostics, Building Performance Specification and Design Review. He has been active as editorialist, Forensic Engineer and Director of a Certified Inspection Body operating in Construction Sector. After a 10 years professional activity moved to University, where he has been Director of many Practitioners Courses about Building Envelope Technologies, Building Pathologies and Building Energy Performance design, a Master Course (il Tecnico Transfrontaliero delle Costruzioni) and a PhD School Course (Building Futures). He operated as Director of the Dept. Bibliotheque and as member of the Department Board.

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