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Vincenzo Donato - FPM

Vincenzo Donato has been teaching and conducting research with the University since 1971. From 1972 to 1975 he has conducted courses at the EPAU (Ecole Polytechnique d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme) of Algiers and at the Architecture and Urban Planning Workshops of the EPAU of Algiers. He is currently a university Professor responsible for urban and territorial planning in the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan. He is presently in charge of the Macro Town Planning Laboratory of the DPA (Department of Architectural Design) at the Polytechnic of Milan. He has worked on transport problems in developing countries and in Latin and Central America, Africa, etc. (Algeria, Greece, Nicaragua, Cuba, Argentina, Senegal, Eritrea, China); he has recently researched into the macro-urban planning problems related to the Italian high-speed railway system. He has regularly worked with the IreR (Istituto Regionale di Ricerca della Regione Lombardia) on the themes related to updating the Regional Transport Plan and the formation of criteria for the urban traffic plans. Author of scientific publications and essays.

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