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Ermes Invernizzi - FPM

Ermes Invernizzi (Architect) is currently a contract professor of “Design studio” in the 1st School in Architecture (Architettura e Società) at Politecnico di Milano. Academic Degree on Architecture, Polytechnic of Milan (100/100), PhD in Urban and Design Architectural (dissertations: Project and memory strategies, degree cum laude). Beside professional practice, he takes part in research and teaching activities at Politecnico di Milano. Currently he is responsible for the learning module named Stone and the design of open spaces in the international Master course in Architecture and Construction: Contemporary Design with Stone. Visiting Professor at École d’Architecture de Lille et Régions Nord France (2007) and at ETS de Arquitectura de Valladolid - Spain (2009). Recent Publications: Progetto e disvelamento della memoria, (2008) Unicopli, Milano Designing in the urban sprawl. Searching for new urban identities/ A. Bianchi E. Invernizzi, M. Zigoi in Realismo now. Architecture of small cities (2011) Alinea Editrice, Firenze Recent International seminaries: Architecture Context Responsibility International conference on building within urban fabric: transformations and responsibility” Faculty of Architecture, Poznam University of Technology. PLIC - Public Life in the In-Between City - Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, I. I.T., Haifa, Israel.

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