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Lorenzo Maffioli - FPM

Operative Officer, Polisocial – Poli4Development, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano. Bachelor in Political Science, International and European Institutions. Curriculum: Culture and Institutions of Africa and Middle East. In January 2012 he joined the start of new activity, by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano together with Politecnico di Milano, called Polisocial. The aim to promote social initiatives involving students, faculty and administrative technical colleagues and nurture an ethic responsibly for strengthening and consolidating the cross disciplinary partnerships at national and international level. The Project aims to develop services to the city, the community and to the persons, through the implementation of projects with a strong social character. In line with many international experiences, POLISOCIAL is placing the university in close contact with the dynamics of society, expanding the mission that, in addition to teaching, research and technology cooperation, becomes the occasion to work on social issue that arise from the territory (local and international) in a logical multi-actors and multidisciplinary.

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