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Andrea Marchesi - FPM

Andrea Marchesi was born in Milano (Italy) in 1979. He has been in the field of the Remote Sensing (RS) techniques for vegetation analysis since he graduated in 2005 in Environmental Science at the University of Milano-Bicocca with a thesis titled: “Retrieval of vegetation water content and chlorophyll fluorescence at leaf and canopy level by means of hyperspectral remote sensing data”. After his studies he joined the Remote Sensing of Environmental Dynamics Laboratory; his research activity was focused on statistical analysis of multispectral/hyperspectral remote sensing imagery and vegetation related indices extraction. The work involved also a strong part of fieldwork: he has a solid experience in measurements campaigns to validate statistical results with field data. Since 2010 Andrea has been a research assistant at L@RS: at the moment he mainly involved in image processing and thematic classification of satellite/airborne multispectral and hyperspectral data, urban mapping and industrial sites monitoring . He is able to work with IDL programing language in the customization of ENVI software and he has strong experience in OBIA (Object Based Image Analysis) of multi-source datasets.

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