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Roberta Mastropirro - FPM

Born in Milano, Italy (1974). PhD student in “Doctoral program in Architecture, Urban Design, Conservation of Housing and Landscape” at Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi). She is collaborator in teaching and research in the fields of diagnostic and conservation of wooden artefacts in Politecnico of Milano; “Observatory for preservation of woodworks” at the “Laboratory of Diagnostics for Preservation and Reutilization of Buildings Structures”. She also carry out activities on consulting for architects, engineers, enterprises, public institutions, cultural associations through surveys on wooden structures, for the successful design of interventions and for the conservation and consolidation of wooden structures in historic buildings and monuments. Since 2005 to 2008 Temporary Research Fellow in “Not destructive diagnosis and restitution of the data in conformity with the enforced technical norm: methodological experimentation on woodworks” and in “Planning of the Network between research centers and enterprises of Lombardia and surveying on the enterprises and the innovative technologies”. Since 2001 to 2009 Professor of “Survey” and “Planning” at Training Centre for Conservators of furniture and woodworks- Meda (MI) - Italy.

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