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Juan Xabier Monjas - FPM

Project Director Resident Representative of the Multan Walled City project

Spanish, graduated in 1999 in Economics (Major in Finance). Upon graduation, he began his first work experience in Bankinter, one of the most innovative banks in the Spanish banking landscape. He worked for IBM in Ireland (Server Division). In 2001 he moved to Italy to work as a consultant helping SME’s to internationalize their markets. In 2004 he returns to Spain and works for a development agency which deals with all issues related with entrepreneurship. In 2006 he attend the Bocconi University earning a Master in Strategy, after which he begins a collaboration with the Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism Division. Xabier works as Tutor in the Business Incubator of Polytechnic of Milano from 2009 to 2012, nowadays he is the Project Director of Multan Walled City Initiative.

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