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Giorgio Pansa - FPM

Giorgio Pansa, born in Como on 30 May 1983. He graduated in 2006 in MS "Building engineering". In 2010 he received his PhD in “Building Engineering” with a dissertation about the thermal activation of wall systems, through the circulation of low temperature water in building enclosures, to improve thermal comfort during the summer season. From 2010 to now leads (different) researches on energy audit of industrial buildings and on the review and optimization of Italian building envelope construction.His researches are related to building technology, building envelope design and indoor environmental quality, focusing on computational issues. His fields of expertise are building energy efficiency, low and zero energy houses, building energy simulation and environmental analysis, building energy performances design (new and refurbished buildings). He is member of IEA-SHC Task 47 “Renovation of Non-Residential Buildings towards Sustainable Standards”.

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