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Riccardo Paolini - FPM

Riccardo Paolini, born in Milano on 11 May 1980, by training is a Building Engineer. He received his Ph.D. in Building Systems Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 2011, with a dissertation (developed in Milano, at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, and at King's College London) about the radiative heat transfer in the urban environment and its influence on microclimate. Since 2008, is member of TiSco Group at Building Environment Science and Technology department, Politecnico di Milano. Since 2009, is affiliated to the Heat Island Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Among his research activities are: 1. Optical and radiative characterization of building materials; 2. Surface energy balance modeling of urban microclimates; 3. Hygrothermal and durability testing in the laboratory of building materials and components (CIB W080 member and consultant for ISO TC59 SC14); 4. Numerical modeling of heat and moisture transport in porous media.

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