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Marco Rusmini - FPM

Marco Rusmini was born in Pavia (Italy) in 1978. He got his BSc in Geology at the University of Pavia in 2007 and his MSc with distinction in Geo-information Sciences and Earth Observation for Natural Hazards at ITC (Faculty of Geo-information and Earth Observation, Twente University. Enschede, the Netherlands). After his graduation, he worked in the project RiskCity at ITC (Project Leader: Cees van Westen). Back to Italy he spent one year at GESP Geographic Information System, where he dealt with international projects (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Syrian Cultural Heritage preservation and restoration; Damascus, Syria. International aid program for developing countries: National Land Tilting Project; Kingstown, St. Vincent & the Grenadines). Since 2010 Marco has been a research assistant at L@RS. His main activities regard very high-resolution optical-SAR data integration, Object Based Image Analysis, land-use/land-cover classification, flood hazard & risk assessment. Marco Rusmini is/was directly involved in the following projects: evaluation of COSMO-SkyMed system performances and simulation of future ORFEO system with existing optical data, Sustainable Social Economic and Environmental Revitalization in the historic core of Multan City, microseepage projects. Next to his professional skills, Marco is keen on photography; he likes traveling especially in South-Eastern Asia where he explores his passion: food. He practises weekly soccer, running, and swimming to compensate his culinary investigations.

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