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Grazia Tucci - FPM

Grazia Tucci was born in Gravina in Puglia (Ba) in 1966. She graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1992 and was admitted to the Register for Architects in the Province of Milan in 1996. She then obtained the PhD Degree in Geodetic and Topographical Sciences in 1998 at the Politecnico di Milano and subsequently worked as a fellow researcher at the II Faculty of Architecture in the Politecnico di Torino. In 2005 became – and still is – Associate Professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, in the Topography and Cartography scientific section of studies. She is a member of the University of Florence Scientific Board for the international Ph.D. programme on "Civil and Environmental Engineering". Her main research topic is focused on the use of Geomatics for the protection and enhancement of Cultural Heritage. She set up and coordinates the GeCo Laboratory (Geomatics for Conservation & Communication of Cultural Heritage) within the Department of Built Heritage and Restoration of the University of Florence. More than 100 scientific papers of hers have appeared in National and International journals and she takes part as a speaker to several National and International conferences on Geomatic technologies and applications for Cultural Heritage. She contributes to multidisciplinary research projects and survey campaigns on both National and International levels, for Public Administration and Private Institutions. Among them: Accademia Gallery of Florence, Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem (Palestine), citadel of Tartus (Syria), promenade archeologique in Tyre (Lebanon), San Nicola Church in La Rioja (Argentina), urban area in Icheri Sheher of Baku (Azerbaijan), Al-Zahir Baybars Mausoleum in Damascus (Siria), Morey building in San Pedro de Macorís (Dominican Republic), and many others. Since 2000 she is member of the Valle d’Aosta Cultural Heritage Regional Committee. She heads up the Geomatics for Conservation & Communication Laboratory (GeCo: www.geomaticaeconservazione.it).

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