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Gian Pietro Verza - FPM

Gian Pietro Verza, born on December 1, 1956, is Data Acquisition Stations Manager at Ev-K2-CNR Committee. He is an expert connoisseur of the Himalayan environment. He carried out about thirty scientific expeditions in Nepal and worked more than 2000 days at altitudes above 5000 m. His knowledge of problems related to the high altitude rescue sees him particularly engaged in a project for a network of Himalayan rescue in an international collaboration among EV-K2-CNR, Benoît Chamoux Foundation, Himalayan Trust and Himalayan Rescue Association. 
Thanks to his experience in high altitude extreme environments and in technological applications dedicated to the most difficult operating conditions, Gian Pietro is concluding a series of training programs about the management of the Laboratory “Pyramid”, photovoltaic technologies and management of the climatic data acquisition systems. In the framework of the Ev-K2-CNR technological supports dedicated to the solutions of problems related to the safety in mountain, he attends to studies and training on satellite communication systems for applications in alpine rescue and in support to the professional activity of Alpine guides.

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