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Daniele Fabrizio Bignami - FPM

Project manager of the Multan Walled City project

Graduated in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering from the Politecnico of Milan and obtained his PhD in Urban, Land, and Environmental Planning in 2005. He is currently in charge of the course on “Hydrogeological risk and civil protection” at the Politecnico of Milan within the MSc in Environmental Engineering and was previously in charge of the course on “Land Safety Strategies” in the Laboratory of Urban Design (MSc in Architecture) at the same university. 
He has collaborated on projects with the Italian Government – Civil Protection Department and with the Institute for an Industrial Safety Culture of Toulouse (France). 
He is the author of more than 30 essays and articles and of two book-length studies: “Protezione civile e riduzione del rischio disastri” (Civil Protection and Risk Disaster Reduction) [Maggioli, 2010] and “Casa Sicura – Idee per la certificazione della resistenza degli edifice ai disastri” (Safe Home – Ideas for the Certification of Buildings' Resistance Capability in case of Disasters) [Maggioli 2012]. 
In 2005 he was hired by Politecnico of Milan Foundation as Research Project Manager in the Project Development Department, where he works at and supervises research projects within the fields of environment protection, disaster reduction, urban and land planning, transport and infrastructure, energy, and sustainable development at national and international levels.

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