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Renzo Rosso - FPM

Genoa, Italy, 1950. He is Full Professor (Hydrology and Water Engineering) at the Politecnico di Milano since 1986. 
He graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Genoa in 1975. He carried out research, graduate and post-graduate teaching, and project management at the National Research Council of Italy, the Universities of Genoa, Florence and Parma, the Imperial College of Science and Technology, MIT and Colorado State Unversity. He is author of research books, college texts and more than 350 papers (about 100 in SCI journals) in the fields of hydrology, water resources, climate and glaciology, fluvial geomorphology, reliability analysis, stochastic processes, nonlinear dynamics and fractals. His professional experience includes projects on water resources analysis, planning, design and assessment, and mitigation of flood, landslide and avalanche hazard. He is a reviewer for several journals, and advisor to national and international scientific agencies – e.g. European Commission, NATO, NSF (USA), NERC (UK), NASA (USA), FNSNF (Suisse), CNRS (France), Supreme Court (India), MIUR and CNR (Italy). 
Scientific awards include: 2002 - Legambiente Prize, for his River Fusegate system with demonstratioin (Dongfeng Lake project, China) in association with Hydroplus (Nanterre, France); 2005 - Borland Lecture Award in Hydrology (by American Geophysical Union and Colorado State University); 2010 - Henry Darcy Medal (by European Geosciences Union) “for his fundamental contributions to hydrology and water resources management”.

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