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Preservation of the Historical Buildings in the Walled City
Revitalization of Physical Assets

Every restoration project has to preserve existing buildings through corrective and sustainable interventions. So, the conservation project of “Sustainable, Social, Economic and Environmental Revitalization in the Historic Core of Multan City” will be preceded by careful and thorough studies. These studies depend on individual building characteristics, should take place according to guidelines to ensure a correct work. An intervention on historic buildings should include: Historical study; Geometrical relief; Stratigraphic relief; Material and decay relief (to make a preliminary knowledge of degradation to plan the project); Structural relief; Diagnostics, in situ or in laboratory. These studies, with the collaboration of experts in different disciplines, are essential for the development of conservation and reuse projects of historical buildings.

Wooden Elements Buildings Conservation

Haram Gate Conservation

A project developed by:
Fondazione politecnico
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Politecnico di milano
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